Roulette 3 Types of Gamplay Using The Paroli Strategy

You might have heard of the Paroli Strategy, but if you’ve been wondering how it could be used in a game of roulette, you’ve come to the right place. There are three approaches to the Paroli strategy.

Keep it aggressive
We have already shown you the advantages and disadvantages of doubling your roulette bets. It’s a risky strategy, of course, but the benefits outweigh it. We double our bets until we reach the table limit and can no longer increase. This is the all or nothing approach. Supporters have the following argument: If you say that the martingale strategy is bad because at some point you encounter a violent series of losses in which you lose your last shirt, it is just as possible to get a winning series that gives you a huge win. All you need is only eight or nine wins in a row (probability: 0.38% and 0.19%!). After that you have in most casinos reached the limit anyway, their profit would then be 25600% or 51200%. This principle is based on Labouchere’s reverse strategy used by Beresford and Leigh, just a little more aggressively.

3-step challenge
A more conservative approach is to limit doubling in the Paroli strategy to three, four or five times. This is also known as the counterpart to the 4-step martingale strategy. I would recommend the 3-step Paroli strategy. The approach is optimal if there are often three wins in a row. If this is not the case, then this roulette strategy is rather unsuitable. Typically, such a series should appear every seven winning series (four are one turn, two are two turns, and one is three or more turns). Let’s take a look at the following two examples.

Different variations
Instead of the aggressive double-up strategy (1-2-4-8-16-32 etc.) we could use a less aggressive strategy (like Fibonacci: 1-2-3-5-8-13 etc.). The disadvantage of these mild strategies is that they do not increase our profits so quickly in the best case. But the advantage is that after a few roulette wins, even if we lose at some point, we have already accumulated a profit and do not lose everything. This is an extremely interesting approach, and I have done extensive studies on this type of Paroli variations, which I hope to present in a future article.

In conclusion, I hope that this has helped you somewhat in determining which method you should use for your next game of roulette. Strategies in roulette could be confusing to beginners, but the fact is, these strategies can vastly improve the chances of a player winning a game, so players who would like to play roulette regularly could consider adopting and sticking to one strategy that they prefer the most.

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